Hangzhou Skyline

Hangzhou Spark

Hangzhou Spark represents a home region that encompasses the Zhejiang Province of China, and Hangzhou is the home of the team. It is affiliated with the newly established bilibili Esports Company. Pink is the main color of the brand, with white and blue as secondary colors. The color combination represents Hangzhou, the fast-growing city in the process of transforming into an international destination.
Revenge - HyungKeun Ahn
Revenge HyungKeun Ahn
Krystal - Shilong Cai
Krystal Shilong Cai
NoSmite - Da un Jeong
NoSmite Da un Jeong
Adora - Jaehwan Kang
Adora Jaehwan Kang
GodsB - Kyeong Bo Kim
GodsB Kyeong Bo Kim
iDK - Ho jin Park
iDK Ho jin Park
Bazzi - JunKi Park
Bazzi JunKi Park
Ria - Sungwook Park
Ria Sungwook Park
SASIN - SangHyun Song
SASIN SangHyun Song
Guxue - Qiulin Xu
Guxue Qiulin Xu
BEBE - Heechang Yoon
BEBE Heechang Yoon